LEAP2020 (Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnerships), is Leonardo’s new programme dedicated to all Italian and international suppliers working with the Group.
It aims to create more solid and sustainable relationships between Leonardo and the supply chain, and to foster, both in the short and long term, suppliers’ growth in terms of scale and quality using a new industrial and supply chain approach.



The programme’s initial phase will be focused in Italy on strategically important product categories. The scope extends to all Leonardo Group Divisions and all Italian regions.

The LEAP2020 programme is one of the initiatives outlined in Leonardo’s 2018-2022 Industrial Plan. It will be an open platform that, starting from one-to-one relationships, will be able to evolve into partnerships. This will help our future activities to be more stable and support development of new technologies as well as increasing financial and industrial competitiveness. The new programme will also provide joint benefits, such as development, integration, product competitiveness and performance growth.

The LEAP2020 project is founded on an innovative approach. It is based on the specific characteristics of the suppliers and will allow for the creation of clusters, where Leonardo will devote specific approaches. There will also be ‘national champions’, to enhance the technological excellence of the supplier companies and give them new business opportunities.

The idea is that by supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, this will lead to companies that are more solid and able to innovate and compete globally.



The term LEAP evokes the image of a decisive spring forward, conveying Leonardo’s intention to optimise the relationship with suppliers.  At the same time, we want to enhance the technological capabilities of both the main players in this new project: the Group and the supply chain.

L.E.A.P. is also the acronym for Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnerships, where the terms Empowering and Advanced Partnerships are the true core of Leonardo's message: strengthening partnerships with suppliers to create value with mutual benefits.

Finally, the number 2020 indicates the year in which Leonardo aims to fully realise the programme’s objectives. It also highlights the objective  of a 20% performance improvement in terms of quality and delivery.