In accordance with the information security policy and Code of Ethics. Leonardo S.p.A. considers the protection of company records as essential and a priority for the achievement of our goals.


Information security is an element of strategic importance, all the more significant considering that information and security technologies are an integral part of the products and services we offer our customers.


As such, Leonardo S.p.A. has always been committed to meeting the needs of stakeholders, clients and industrial partners through the employment of a process and information management system that guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.


The Company is committed to continuously verifying the level of information security achieved, against the most advanced international standards, obtaining and maintaining relevant certifications, with the aim of reinforcing - in this area too - the level of excellence that defines the company and increasingly sets it apart in today's competitive international landscape.



Cyber Defense


Leonardo S.p.A's Cyber Defence section comprises the Group's internal cyber security services for the prevention and management of ICT security threats through knowledge accumulation (threat intelligence) and research (threat hunting) into information security threats.


Real Time System Monitoring Cyber Detection
Network Assurance


Incident Management Cyber Response (CERT)
Cyber Threat Intelligence



The Cyber Response service fulfils CERT's (Computer Emergency Response Team) mission with the support of the Cyber Response Laboratory, which develops, maintains and reinforces advanced analysis capabilities and techniques, assisting cyber incident response operations, as well as designing cyber-attack scenarios and dynamic simulations as part of the research and training activities carried out for stakeholders.


Finally, another entity that operates within the Cyber Defence field, is the Cyber Security Program & Service Management structure, overseen by the Leonardo Group's Cyber Security Programme management. These Programmes include the updating of the Service Catalogue and operational processes attached to this, the management of service levels, technological scouting and the implementation (design, delivery and maintenance) of Cyber Defence systems.





Authorised users of CERT





Cyber Defense

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