Industrial plan

Industrial Plan

"Over the past 2 years we have been delivering or exceeding our promises and we are very well positioned to succeed in the long-term. We have a clear view on our strategic path: strengthening and transforming our business to growth and accelerate the innovation improving business competitiveness in the long-term. We are fully committed to deliver our Plan to create value for all our stakeholders”.

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo

Leonardo Industrial Plan Presentation


Leonardo has clear view of long-term goals and clear strategic path, focused on

  • Strengthen our core
  • Keep strong focus on our core to fuel growth
  • Delivering the significant Backlog
  • Exploiting full potential of product Portfolio (platforms + sensors & systems)
  • Grow Customer Support & Training
  • Capturing growing demand for Cyber Defence
  • Transform to Growth
  • Adding new capabilities
  • Leveraging these capabilities in a more integrated way across businesses
  • Evolving to meet changing market and customer needs
  • Master the new, accelerating innovation
  • Identify, develop, leverage, scale new technologies “transversal” across the Group
  • Fully digitalized in engineering, products and offering
  • Drive innovation leveraging our 10,000 engineers talent pool