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Contributing to the sustainable progress and security of the world is Leonardo’s highest ambition. We devote all our efforts to this commitment through a long-term strategic vision, which combines strengthening the company's business and core activities with a process of digital transformation, to make the organisation more agile and flexible.

We will continue be an innovation leader across all sectors we operate in, supported by a Masterplan for Innovation and a model based on open innovation. This approach promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge, accelerates the development of enabling technologies and consolidates market positioning.

Technological innovation is also a crucial element of a broader sustainability strategy, developed in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal. We recognise this opportunity to create a positive impact on society as a whole and for the stakeholders who depend on us.



Leonardo operates in a highly competitive sector and in a global context where geo-political, technological, and economic scenarios change very rapidly.

Research and technological innovation are fundamental elements in the long-term success and sustainability of the business. Innovation makes a crucial contribution, especially when exploring disruptive and complex technologies. 

Our approach is characterised by a constant focus on sustainability, as expressed in the Sustainability Plan. It covers the entire value chain, from research and technological innovation to operations and the development of new solutions and new business models, preparing us for the next global challenges. 

Our research and development activities have two levels. The first focuses on incremental developments of core technologies connected with products. The second level is more visionary and takes a longer-term perspective.

Here we are looking to the future and focusing more on the emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt the market in a fundamental way. The Leonardo Labs play a key role in this effort. They act as central, cross-sector research hubs dedicated to ground-breaking research topics and developing the most innovative solutions. 

We also have a solid governance mechanism for innovation, aimed at constantly improving the competitiveness of products and solutions, as well as sharing innovation knowledge across different sectors. 

In short, innovation enables us to revolutionise the present to compete successfully in the future.

Compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of patent portfolio over last 10 years 5% €bninvested in R&D in 2020 1.6 peopleinvolved in researchand development activities Around 9,000 research laboratories“Leonardo Labs” in 2 countries 10 technologiesmake up Leonardo’stechnology portfolio More than 400 supercomputer davinci-1 3 rd HPC in the AD&S sector, 89 th in the world and 10 th HPC among private companies of employees with STEM degrees 62% Joint Lab 4
What we do

Leonardo Labs

Leonardo Labs

Leonardo Labs are Leonardo's new technology incubators for long-term research. These centres of excellence focus on programmes that are central to the Group’s business areas, capable of developing future technologies and anticipating market demand.

Our supercomputer davinci-1

One of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, davinci-1 accelerates our digitalisation process, from design to manufacturing to customer services.

Our supercomputer davinci-1

Our Technologies & Projects

Our Technologies & Projects

We are constantly working to nurture our technological assets and implement innovative programmes, following a policy geared towards the products of the future.

How we innovate

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Listening to new ideas, opening our minds to new skills and establishing collaborations with the world around us is our approach to innovation, to create the ecosystem that fosters new business opportunities.

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