Open Innovation

For Leonardo, innovation is a partnership. It is built on the collaboration between different players, inside and outside the company, including customers, partners, universities, research centres and start-ups.

This concept of Open Innovation is a well-established approach for the company and in the coming years it will play an increasingly important role in nurturing new ideas and opportunities, also feeding the efforts of the Leonardo Labs, which act as the engines of technological innovation.

Shared innovation is more than a choice. It is a fundamental commitment to create value, to contribute to people's well-being, to the health of the planet, and to collective prosperity. All this must be undertaken in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is why all Leonardo’s people have the chance to contribute with their ingenuity and energy, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, to the constant search for innovative new products and solutions.

One of the main factors in Leonardo's technological success is working with partners to create lasting and stable relationships based on trust. These relationships are about shared value and they maximise the positive benefits of collaboration both in terms of growth and innovation.

Aimed at developing and improving the technological and product portfolio, Leonardo's collaborations take many forms, including joint research programmes, training courses, internships, doctorates and theses.

Leonardo’s vision of Open Innovation is based on being open to ideas that come not only from within but also from the wider world, through different innovative approaches. 

It is a fluid mechanism that feeds new opportunities to be developed and accelerated in the Leonardo Labs. Open Innovation also integrates with the consolidated internal research and development processes, continuously providing additional sources of innovation for Leonardo's business.


Our Innovation Ecosystem

Leonardo's innovation ecosystem is based on a network of innovative hubs, integrated into the different Divisions of the company and working alongside the Leonardo Labs.

In this way, Leonardo can maximise the contribution of a variety of partners - customers, start-ups, SMEs, universities, and research centres to develop new technological solutions and different business models. 

This ecosystem allows people's talent and creativity to grow by exchanging ideas and developing innovative ways of working, which are essential to face the challenges of an evolving world. 

At Leonardo we aim to: 

  • Enhance and bring out ‘our’ intangible capital through contests aimed at group employees 
  • Create new innovative products, solutions and business models for sustainable progress
  • Increase cross-discipline working, shared knowledge and dual use of our solutions
  • Attract new talent to work with us on the challenges of the future and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Accelerate projects and initiatives more quickly through the Leonardo Labs
  • Reduce the time-to-market of our products and solutions.

Ideas competitions and challenges

Ideas competitions and challenges

By promoting idea competitions in various fields, both outside and inside the Group, we are always generating new ideas, fostering the cross-fertilisation of skills and identifying the best talent in STEM disciplines.

Our passion to share

For us at Leonardo, growth is all about a process of continuous sharing. We put our technological passion at the centre of what we do and by sharing new concepts. We maintain a constant dialogue between colleagues across the Group, as well as with territories, institutions, research centres, universities and schools.

Our passion to share

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