Supplier register

At Leonardo, we use a single supplier register, managed for the entire Group by Leonardo Global Solutions. This means we can manage the supplier lifecycle from the self-application phase through to pre-qualification and qualification, as well as subsequent performance assessment.

This is how the supplier qualification process works:

  • Self-nomination: Here you can become a potential supplier and be invited to participate in Leonardo’s negotiation processes. After completing the self-application form, you will be asked to fill in specific questionnaires for selected product categories. Leonardo may periodically request that this be updated.
  • Pre-qualification: Becoming a pre-qualified supplier is required to take part in Leonardo’s business processes. This involves the assessment of ethical-legal and economic-financial requirements.
  • Qualification: Being a qualified supplier to a Leonardo Division or a Group Company is mandatory before signing a contract or being issued with a purchase order by the specific Leonardo Division or Group Company. At this stage, the technical and organisational requirements of the supplier are assessed.


All potential suppliers who start the self-application procedure will be asked to specify the product category or categories of reference for their business indicated by Leonardo Global Solutions. For help with selecting the most appropriate product category, you can view the product group tree of Leonardo Global Solutions

For any support you may need in using the self-nomination and qualification tools, you can contact the dedicated help-desk service, using the following channels:

  • By writing to the following e-mail address 
  • By calling the toll-free number 800 591122 (valid only for calls from Italy) from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
  • By calling +39 06 54641514 (also valid for calls from outside Italy) from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.