Call for tender 5000001006 - Leonardo Aircraft

"Chemical Materials Service Provider" Leonardo's Cameri Plant

"Chemical Materials Service Provider" Leonardo's Cameri Plant

Roma   19 November 2018 14:01

Description of the supply

Summary Information

Call for tender no 5000001006

“Chemical Materials Service Provider“

Leonardo’s Cameri Plant
Description of the supply The aim of the contract is to select a  “Chemicals Materials Service Provider” for the Leonardo’s Cameri Plant (JSF Program).
Type of supply Service Provider activities/services (planning, purchase, materials, stocking, disposal, manage customer owned materials,  delivery materials to the Leonardo’s Cameri Plant’s Points of Use)
Duration of contract/work 3 Years Framework Agreement
Presumed bidding starting price 45 M€ (15 M€ yearly supply value)
General awarding criteria Best value for money criterion
Date of publication November 19th, 2018
Deadline December 3st, 2018
Call of tender

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