Microwave Power Solutions

Leonardo can offer a broad range of Microwave Power Solutions including  state-of-the- art TWTs, mini TWTs, Microwave Power Modules(MPM) and TWT-A (TWT Amplifiers), Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) for Airborne, Surface, Missile and Space platforms for the Defense and Aerospace Market.
Microwave Power Solutions have been provided for Radar, Security, Surveillance, EW & ESM, Instruments and Communication systems worldwide.

Key high power vacuum device technology includes:


  • Vacuum technology including brazing, RF induced and resistance welding
  • Etching and plating
  • Manual and automated microwave high power CW and pulsed testing
  • Facilities for inspection, including CNC contactless equipment and SEM electronic microscope.

Key Microelectronic technology includes:


  • Fully automated epoxy (and other adhesive) dispensing automatic eutectic attach
  • Die placement and wire bonding
  • Advanced microwave module assembling
  • Automatic testing