Modelling & Simulation

Leonardo invests continuously in technology innovation, particularly that associated with Modelling & Simulation. Leonardo's training and simulation capabilities are borne of an in-depth knowledge of this domain as well as decades of experience in training and the development. In this way, the integration of innovative technologies is what provides our customers with advanced solutions that improve their operational capacity.

Leonardo's expertise starts with its design labs. This is where the physical behaviour of materials and systems are emulated before their actual implementation in the product, and this phase is completed in order to reduce design time and risks.

In addition, Leonardo anticipates the needs of its customers by developing logistical support and training solutions based on emerging technology trends. It does this, for example, by integrating physical reality with virtual reality and embedded simulations, according to the established Live, Virtual and Constructive concept, where the exercise uses Live personnel and platforms (live), or real life personnel with simulated platforms (Virtual), or personnel and platforms that are both simulated (Constructive).

Investments and developments in the most modern virtual and augmented reality technologies help to support the maintenance activities of real system operators much more effectively. These systems allow field operators to view graphic contents (2D, 3D) providing clear additional information on maintenance procedures aided by a ‘virtual assistant’.

Leonardo's endeavours include investments in technologies which are of significance to scenarios generation (also 3D), mission planning and management, serious games and distributed simulation exercises.