Il settore Elettronica, Difesa e Sistemi di Sicurezza opera negli Stati Uniti attraverso sei sussidiarie, fornendo tecnologia avanzata al governo americano, alla forze armate, ad operatori commerciali e industriali.


Il settore Elettronica, Difesa e Sistemi di Sicurezza fornisce tecnologia all’avanguardia, distintiva e prodotti capaci di soddisfare i requirement di clienti differenti come la guardia costiera americana, il dipartimento di Homeland Security, le agenzie di Law Enforcement, le Forze Armate, gli Emergency Services, le Municipalità, l’Autorità di Federal Aviation, ferroviarie e dei trasporti pubblici.


Il settore Elettronica, Difesa e Sistemi di Sicurezza lavora a stretto contatto con i propri clienti lungo tutte le fasi del programma dalla concezione iniziale del prodotto, alla sua implementazione, giocando un ruolo chiave nello sviluppo di soluzioni efficaci che rispondano ad esigenze reali nei propri settori operativi: dalla gestione del traffico aereo, al Law Enforcement, la difesa, la protezione dei confini e delle infrastrutture, le smart city e la cyber security.


La nostre sussidiarie negli Stati Uniti:



Selex ES Inc brings together the three US businesses of Selex System Integration Inc, Selex Communications Inc and Elsag North America LLC.
The company represents a group of committed employees dedicated to delivering quality solutions in the markets of Air Traffic Management, Law Enforcement, Communications and Smart Buildings.
The creation of Selex ES Inc. provides our clients with a strong brand dedicated to addressing the rapidly changing requirements of US military and civial markets.
Selex ES Inc is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.


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SELEX Galileo Inc. is a leader in defense electronics. Leveraging a distinctive strength in airborne mission critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection, and surveillance, SELEX Galileo Inc. brings a wide range of capabilities and services to our customers that enhance mission success.
SELEX Galileo Inc. continues to deliver products and services as the partner of choice on various platforms and programs to include: the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF); the U.S. Army Apache program; the DHS Customs and Border Protection Multirole Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) program and the C-550 program; the U.S. Coast Guard HC-130H program; the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command AC-130 Gunship; and provides Security Assistance and Training Support Services to members of the Special Operations Forces.
SELEX Galileo Inc. is committed to offering the right solution to help our customers identify, classify, and solve external challenges. By combining state-of-the-art technology, integration and modification capability, training, and logistics support, we supply an inclusive service loop that address our customers’ stated requirements.
SELEX Galileo Inc. is headquartered in Arlington, VA with facilities in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, and Mississippi.


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Sirio Panel provides Human to Machine Electronic Controls, Display Solutions and Interior/Exterior Lighting Systems for commercial and military aircrafts. With over 30 years of experience in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for aerospace systems with stringent requirements, Sirio Panel is committed to technical excellence and innovation providing state of the art equipment for application on top-level rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
Long-standing experience in international programs such as Airbus A320 family, A400M, A380 and A350XWB, C-27J, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Eurofighter Typhoon, NH-90 and all AgustaWestland helicopters including EH101, and in parallel strong R&D investments, enable Sirio Panel to provide tailored solutions and custom made products focused to customer satisfaction.
Sirio Panel is headquartered in Dover, Delaware.


 Sirio Panel website



Lasertel is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of high-power semiconductor laser components and developer of customer laser solutions. Servicing the defence, medical and industrial industries, we deliver a wide range of chips, bars, array packages and fiber-coupled devices are available with peak wavelengths from 770nm to 1050nm, and peak powers from 200mW to several kW.#
Lasertel is headquartered in Casa Grande Hwy, Tucson, Arizona


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