Development of supply chain

Leonardo purchases goods and services mainly from local suppliers in the main countries of operation and supports the industrial districts that in many cases originated and developed around their activities.


Within the local districts, Leonardo contributes to the development of advanced technologies, promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience and promotes the effective use of resources and capabilities, especially through participation in industry initiatives that have as their main objective the development of chains of supply.


Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of small and medium enterprises in every country in which Leonardo is present






Approximatly 70% of Leonardo’s Italian suppliers consists of SMEs, mainly based in five main districts (Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Campania and Puglia). In such districts there are around 600 enterprises involved in the A&D industry, accounting 42,000 employees. The added-value per employee is equal to around €100,000, 71% more than the average of the Italian economy (sources: OpenEconomics 2016; AIAD 2016).

45% of Leonardo DRS’ suppliers consists of SMEs. With the aim of enhancing diversity and creating a competitive edge, Leonardo DRS promotes partnership with minority businesses, SMEs managed by women, veterans, disabled people and native Americans. It also carries out mentorship activities to search for opportunities and improve the competitiveness of SMEs.




Approximately 60% of Leonardo MW’s suppliers consists of SMEs and 190 are involved in the 21st Century Supply Chain programme, 32 of which are directly sponsored by Leonardo. The 21st Century Supply Chain is a sector initiative that helps SMEs to improve their performance, in order to build a more competitive and sustainable supply chain. 70% of PZL-Swidnik suppliers are Polish, mainly based in the Aviation Valley, the south-east region of the country. In this areas, PZL has set up the Lublin Cluster for Advanced Aerospace Technology which aims to increase the region’s contribution to the development of Poland’s aerospace sector.