Flexibility at your service.

ISR, SIGINT, Tactical Support

A flexible and effective solution for the current and future operational scenarios. Thanks to modular roll-on/roll-off systems the MC-27J is a quickly reconfigurable platform for special forces operations, surveillance, data gathering and direct tactical support to airborne and ground operations. The MC-27J mission kits/pallets require minimal airframe modification and offer acquisition and operating costs significantly lower than a dedicated platform.

Missions & Features

Wide mission portfolio

The kits/pallets can be tailored to the specific customer needs and can allow tasks such as Command & Control, Ground Surveillance, Border Patrol, ELINT (ELectronic INTellingence), COMINT (COMunication INTelligence) and Tactical Support. The installation of a gun pallet enables direct engagement of enemy targets and direct fire support to ground troops, allowing staying out from most of surface-to-air threats.


A MC-27J in C3-ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) configuration can put its superior survivability, performances and endurance to good use on any battlefield, providing persistent area monitoring, mission oversight and coordination and establishing communication/video gateways.


AESA Search Radar providing world class-leading capabilities across overland and maritime domains; Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) system; Electronic Support Measures (ESM) to detect, locate and identify radar emitting targets, essential for ISR and SIGINT/ELINT missions; highly accurate gun mounted on a standard 463L pallet, able to fire through the LH rear door.

Systems & equipment

A palletized, quickly removable Mission System manages the sensors, analyses the gathered information and perform a true Data Fusion, providing the crew with a detailed, real time overall tactical picture; an enhanced Communication System is connected to the Mission System, also for SIGINT/COMINT purposes.

Technical data


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