HITROLE® 12.7mm naval turret is a modern system fully controlled from a remote station via an advanced control console that allows the gunner to operate from a protected position within the ship's structure: any operation, including loading and recocking, can be undertaken with maximum safety for the operator.

Low weight and high level of flexibility make this turret particularly suitable for installation as main armament of any small patrol vessel engaged in border control, maritime traffic interdiction or as a secondary armament on larger ships for self protection in the anti-terrorism role.
The turret is electrically operated and very accurate due to powerful digital servos.

Sighting and tracking actions are performed by means of a high performance day TV camera.
Ballistic Routine is available to provide aid while engaging moving targets.
Additional options include IR sensor for night operation as well as a Laser Range Finder, an Auto Tracker and the sensor suite is protected within a watertight shelter.

HITROLE® 12.7mm turret is a stand alone system with stabilization achieved via built-in Gyros system: no external signal is required by the turret from other ship systems.
Upon request, the HITROLE® 12.7mm turret can also be linked to other Electro-Optical sensors on board the ship and functional interface to ship’s Combat Management System can also be provided. 

For special operations the 12,7mm (0.50 cal.) machine gun can be replaced with a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (40mm AGL), capable of shooting also ‘non lethal ammunition’. The weapon replacement can be achieved in a few minutes with no need of special tools.
Belted rounds are available for both the 12,7mm( 0.50 cal) machine gun and the 40mm AGL in standard ammunition boxes, (130 rounds for the 12,7mm (0.50 cal) machine gun and 32 rounds for the 40mm AGL).

An optional ammunition loading system can be installed in a dedicated support in order to increase the available 12,7mm (0.50 cal) rounds up to 400.

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