Helicopter Safety

Flight Crew Operating Manuals

Our AW139 and AW189 Offshore Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM) is now available and can be easily downloaded through Leonardo Customer Portal (MyPublication area), through our SkyFlight APP (AW Training Publication area) and through the mobile App “AW Training” (available both for Android and iOS devices).

AW39/AW189 FCOM manuals include all the rotorcraft flight manual features (systems analysis, multi crew cooperation and best operational practices), representing a valuable and enhanced reference for offshore operations.
The documents are structured in twelve chapters which can be grouped into four major sections: Aircraft Performance Limitations, Normal Operations, Emergency Operations and Aircraft Systems. Each section has been structured to provide detailed and practical information.

The FCOMs contain guidance and reviews of the automation used throughout the entire flight operations, representing a valuable tool for the application and understanding of the aircrafts automatized technology. 

Multi Crew Cooperation
In addition to assisting flight crews in systems management, FCOMs include a dedicated Multi Crew Cooperation section on crew responsibilities and interaction. This section describes the recommended terminology that is used within crew communication tables for a specific procedure, making flight crew cockpit communication clear and understandable.

Performance Planning and Digital Applications
In parallel to the FCOMs, we are developing further electronic solutions to collect mandatory performance calculations to be completed before every flight. The current weight and balance calculator has been recently implemented with the Category A takeoff and landing performance, providing pilots with a complete practical software solution for their flight planning activity.

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CFIT Education Programme
CFIT ranks as the 13th most common helicopter accident. Moreover, 60% of the CFIT accidents are fatal. 
For this reason, we decided to tackle such a sensitive subject launching a dedicated Helicopter CFIT Programme that, relying on Full Flight Simulator training, prepares aircrews to encounter such hazards with improved skills and deeper awareness.

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Flight Risk Assessment 
SkyFlight is the optimal off-aircraft mean to carry out the evaluation of the flight, ensuring a thorough Safety Assessment. 
The last developed functionality to further increase Customers’ safety is the Flight Risk Assessment which allows them to evaluate the risk associated to the flight.


The Risk Assessment functionality embeds the EASA pre-departure risk assessment checklist, supporting different types of flight missions according to the pave (pilot, aircraft, environment, external pressure) areas. 
The success of the flight mission is closely related to a wide set of factors that must be taken into consideration. Combining these elements, the total risk of the flight can raise significantly, eventually resulting  in a situation where the aircraft should not flight, unless some mitigation of the risk factors are applied.             
Skyflight gives pilots a deep understanding of the current situation showing the potential consequences of their flight.

Risk Assessment Checklist 
Through the Risk Assessment Checklist pilots can input mitigations where applicable and view, save and share the total score. According to the Checklist’s parameters, a dedicated warning highlights if the aircraft should flight or not.        
The Checklist can be completely customized by the company safety manager, who can shape questions, answers, possible mitigations and users’ messages.

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