Naval Combat Systems


Leonardo through is Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division is the design authority of the most advanced Integrated Naval Combat Systems which may be installed on board of any kind of vessel, from small patrol boats to large aircraft carriers as well as minehunters and submarines providing total solutions for navy needs through the Whole Warship lifecycle. 

Nowadays all the modern Navies need to comply with an evolving mission scenario which include peacekeeping operations, patrolling, anti-piracy, economic exclusive zones surveillance, oil platform protection as well as search and rescue activities. To meet these requirements  Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division develops and delivers naval systems and state of the art technology equipment capable of high operational flexibility and modularity. The international footprint of the company has been reached delivering world wide, the best in class naval solutions released with and for our major customer, the Italian Navy.



The naval offer easily adapt to the different demand due to the wide range of products and expertise which extend from  the ability to integrate naval communications, navigation systems, radar sensors, fire control systems and electro-optronic as well as UAV, different calibre gunner, missiles, torpedo, sonar and electronic warfare suites belonging to Leonardo products portfolio or coming from different suppliers.
Systems integration expertise enables us to occupy a major role in the early definition of customer requirements, translating them into system specifications for combat system and combat management system ATHENA , sub-systems  and advanced combat-proven products.


Our net-centric operation combat systems enhance co-operation between surface naval, aircraft and submarine assets, under the supervision of land-based operation centres. The communications network that enables this net-centric operation integrates L, H, V and UHF wavebands as well as SATCOM in military and civil bands.
Leonardo has embraced a high-level strategy for ensuring continued advancement in our core technology areas. This process, underpinned by constant activity by our in-house laboratories devoted to specific areas of applied research, promotes the effective integration of new, innovative components within our existing capability portfolio. A key element of this strategy  is the design and development of the most advanced AESA Kronos family radar, fixed faces,staring and rotating – X, C and L band, based on the Finmeccanica fully-owned GaAs and GaN technologies.



More than 100 warships equipped for 40 Navies
International Supplier of Combat Management System ATHENA ( North Europe, North Africa, Middle East,)
More than 200 Fire Control Systems and Tracking Radars are currently in service on board several warships of the Italian Navy as well as other foreign Navies (e.g. Europe, Americas, North Africa, Middle East, Far East, etc..)
A decade experience in providing M-DLP for major national and NATO programs, participation in interoperability exercises, system reliability and flexibility, broad range of configurations, availability of complementary systems.


Naval System

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