AW139M to compete for the new multirole helicopter requirement in Czech Republic

Leonardo, has confirmed today a highly competitive and affordable offer, based on the world-class AW139M twin engine, will be presented to respond to the new multirole helicopter programme requirement of the Czech Ministry of Defence.

Rome   29 October 2018 17:24

  • The world-class AW139M, already fully meeting or even exceeding the latest Czech MoD’s RFI in every aspect, at the core of the new offer intended to respond to the open tender revealed to be launched in autumn
  • The AW139M provides second-to-none benefits and superiority in overall cost/effectiveness, mission flexibility and capability, safety/survivability and for industrial collaboration
  • Around 1100 AW139s ordered by over 270 armed forces, governments and companies around the world, more than 900 already in service in 70 nations

Leonardo, a global leading Aerospace, Defense and Security company, has confirmed today a highly competitive and affordable offer, based on the world-class AW139M twin engine, will be presented to respond to the new multirole helicopter programme requirement of the Czech Ministry of Defence. The new generation AW139M already fully met or even exceeded the latest RFI (Request For Information), demonstrating unmatched acquisition and through-life-cycle cost/effectiveness, industrial collaboration advantages and the level of uncompromised mission capability, versatility and safety/survivability the Czech armed forces deserve. Having shown such a thorough range of unique benefits, the AW139M will compete for the open tender involving multiple candidates which is revealed to be launched in autumn.

A new offer based on the AW139M is confirmed by Leonardo as the most suitable to meet the Czech MoD’s expectations. The type has already proved compliant with the stringent operational requirements, as demonstrated during a thorough evaluation, all combined with a comprehensive equipment package, customization, support and training services with the involvement of local industry and partners. According to the specifications and also to key parameters disclosed by the relevant Authority (, the programme aims at procuring new multirole helicopters to meet the fleet modernization effort. Among various core characteristics, the new aircraft will be able to carry at least 8 equipped troops, will have a minimum 550km range, a 260km/h cruise speed, a 4000m ceiling and a comprehensive range of guided/unguided weapons systems including pilot’s ability to use machine gun/cannon plus a shooter.

The AW139M meets and even exceeds performance, payload, flexibility and mission equipment/weapons, support, maintenance and training requirements addressing every single aspect expressed by the RFI and will be able to fully comply with the estimated delivery timing. The AW139M offer also provides huge potential in the framework of industrial cooperation in Europe, in line with the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base [EDTIB] as required by the Directive 2009/81/EC, involving a number of Czech companies and with significant opportunities for know-how and expertise exchange as well as work package for export market.

Around 1100 AW139 orders have been made by more than 270 armed forces, government agencies and companies in 70 nations worldwide, including NATO Countries such as Italy, UK, USA and many others, and over 900 units in service have logged in excess of 2 million flight hours in the widest scope of operational, environmental and weather conditions to date. The AW139 platform baseline is unrivalled by competing types, continues to be the aircraft of choice of the most demanding militaries in its category for the most critical missions and offers unique customization possibilities, leveraging the long-established expertise of Leonardo in the development and supply of military helicopters.

The AW139M features unmatched performance and power-to-weight ratio, also in hot&high, the highest certification and safety standards, the most spacious cabin and advanced flight/navigation and mission avionics and it’s a truly versatile platform. The aircraft has many capabilities Czech Republic could benefit from such as a unique 60+ ‘run dry’ capable MGB for even greater survivability and full ice protection system. These add to ballistic tolerant/self-sealing tanks, multiple redundancies of all main critical systems, advanced communication systems, radar, electro-optics and surveillance sensors, comprehensive self-defence suite, targeting and a wide range of weapon systems including door guns as well as guided/ unguided munitions. Existing users or customers of the military AW139 have already integrated or are integrating weapon systems for a range of mission requirements.

With the largest and most modern portfolio of helicopters for government and military operations, Leonardo is able to meet any current and future requirement of Czech Republic ranging from battlefield helicopters to transport and VIP.