Leonardo sustains the transformation of key suppliers with the “Lean Management Workshop”

Rome  12 November 2020 17:20

  • The sustainable development strategy of the supply chain promoted by Leonardo, through the LEAP2020 programme, focuses on the growth and evolution of the supply chain
  • The initiative, dedicated to Leonardo’s key suppliers, maximises competitiveness and customer satisfaction and has been presented at the first “Lean Management Workshop”

Leonardo, the national champion in the Aerospace Defence & Security (AD&S) sector, has launched a new initiative dedicated to its key suppliers. It focuses on the issue of operational excellence to support companies in their “lean journey” through maximising competitiveness and customer satisfaction with a structured approach of continuous improvement, reducing excess and improving the quality and flexibility of products and services.

The project is part of the Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnership 2020 (LEAP2020), the supply chain development programme improved by Leonardo, and was presented at the “Lean Management & Leonardo Production System” workshop. The workshop is dedicated to the companies featured in the ELITE Leonardo Lounge - the environment developed by ELITE for high-potential companies within Leonardo’s supply chain.

“With the LEAP2020, we are strengthening and enhancing our supply chain”, explained Giacinto Carullo, Leonardo’s Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer, “leveraging on a transparent and sustainable partnership relationship with the excellence of the supply chain, to give life to a more competitive, integrated, innovative and resilient industrial eco-system”. Leonardo, through the LEAP 2020, intends to encourage the evolution of the “supply chain” into a “value chain”.

The central theme developed by the workshop, held in a virtual setting, concerned the sharing of the vision and methodology of continuous improvement adopted by Leonardo with the “Leonardo Production System”, the specific programme aims to increase company competitiveness through the development of people’s skills.

Leonardo’s goal is to encourage the integration of supplier-customer processes with a view to continuous improvement and to create an industrial eco-system devoted to operational excellence, starting from the pillars of quality and logistics. More than forty SMEs from 12 different regions are involved in the ELITE Leonardo Lounge, with an aggregate turnover of 1 billion euros and over 5,700 employees.


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