Leonardo: crowdfunding of employees for the digitization of Italian primary and secondary schools

Rome  03 July 2020 11:26

  • Computers and tablets will be provided to students of institutions in the Country with the greatest social and economic problems
  • Profumo: “Investing in education means sustaining families and contributing to the relaunch and competitiveness of the Country System”
  • The initiative “Leonardo per la scuola” will continue throughout the month of July

School is one of the areas most socially affected by the Covid-19 emergency. The introduction of distance learning has increased inequalities in the digital gap, it has highlighted the difficulties of children and parents without adequate IT tools.

For this reason, Leonardo has decided to commit, not only as a company but as a community of people, through the project Leonardo per la scuola, a fundraiser, which is open to all the employees of the Group in Italy, with the aim of supporting a wide programme of digitization of the Country’s schools. The crowdfunding will enable the equipping of primary and secondary schools with new PCs and tablets for children that will start the new school year this September and to set up new computer labs.

“Now more than ever – states the Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo, Alessandro Profumo – investing in the education of very young people means sustaining families, equality of opportunity, and women’s employment. It means looking at the future and contributing to the relaunch and competitiveness of the whole Country System. Leonardo is a great industrial and high-technology Company which makes sustainability and innovation, through initiatives like these, its own reason for existing”. Profumo has entirely devolved his 2019 bonus to the project Leonardo per la scuola.

The initiative is addressed to the institutions affected by the greatest social and economic hardships that have been identified, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, through monitoring on a national scale. The fundraising will continue for the entire month of July and will offer support to the school even outside the classrooms: the PCs and tablets purchased with the donations of Leonardo’s employees can also be used to guarantee teaching to hospitalised children for long periods and to those found in juvenile reformer centres.

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