Why our Company

Leonardo's identity is embodied in the daily work of thousands of women and men who are committed to driving the growth of the company, respecting and advocating the values that make up Leonardo's DNA and inspire our staff's every action: Ethics and Respect, Expertise and Merit, Innovation and Excellence, Internationality and Multiculturalism, Rights and Sustainability.


Here at Leonardo:

  • We work in an honest, loyal and reliable way, in full respect of the rules;
  • We support the professional growth of our people and reward those who seek and nurture Leonardo's success;
  • Our mindset is oriented towards constant technological progress through the creation and implementation of cutting edge solutions;
  • We have a global presence, we respect each country's culture and advocate a culture of inclusion and respect for diversity within the company;
  • Our industrial approach is sustainable thanks to our unwavering commitment to economic and social development and the protection of health and the environment.


With four main markets (Italy, USA, UK and Poland) and a presence across the world in 12 countries, our Group operates on a global scale, preserving the specific features of different cultures and the enrichment that comes from dealing with them.


Mobility on an international scale is a value of our organisation and an integral part of the professional development paths of our talented staff.

There are 170 sites and plants in the world and our staff mainly works in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.


In Italy, Leonardo manage 70 sites with 28,892 employees. In the UK, Leonardo manage 14 sites with 6,784 employees. In the United States, Leonardo is present in 46 sites with 5,812 employees.

People Overview

Intellectual Assets: 33% of Group employees are university graduates and 50% have high-school degrees. Most university and high-school degree have been obtained in technical fields.

Technological Spirit: about 10,000 engineers, mostly in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer and Telecommunications areas.

Manufacturing orientation: more than 12,000 skilled Technicians working in the various Group Divisions.

* Last update 31st December 2017


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