Innovation area

Research & Innovation (R&I) are key to Leonardo’s most advanced solutions. The company partners with Academia, associations, and start-ups to build Cyber Competence Centres in Italy, UK and Europe.


A specific area of the Leonardo stand at Cybertech will be dedicated to Innovation. Here you  will  meet some of the main Italian and European Associations engaged in cyber security research and innovation programs and learn more about  their initiatives:


  • ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization), with its Program  “Building Europe’s cyber security ecosystem together. Join a unique Public-Private Partnership on cyber security”;
  • POLITECNICO of Milan - Osservatorio Information Security & Privacy International Information Security Survey;
  • LA SAPIENZA University of Rome, presenting  “Cyber 4.0 - Public-Private Italian Competence Center on Cyber Security - Italian Ministry of Economic Development INDUSTRY 4.0 programme”;
  • CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - The National Research Council), with “Start  4.0 - Public-Private Italian Competence Center on 4.0 Security and Optimization of Strategic Infrastructures - Italian Ministry of Economic Development INDUSTRY 4.0 programme”.
  • ANSALDO ENERGIA, with “From Lighthouse Plant to Digital Power Plant Services for Secure Energy Critical Infrastructures”.


Leonardo supports Public Private partnership programmes at the centre of the National and European Public Private Partnership programmes, with its key role in the recently launched initiatives for the set-up of Cyber Competence Centres. 


Leveraging the “open innovation” approach, Leonardo is strongly committed to pursuing its leadership in cybersecurity working closely with scientific and technological partners to ensure the development of updated solutions in response of public and private information technology needs. 


This innovation ecosystem also includes start-ups and think-tank foundations promoting innovation, and allows Leonardo to anticipate technological trends and leverage the potential of emerging technologies by combining new business models and new talents.


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