DEMOs on display


At Leonardo’s stand visitors can test our cutting edge solutions through live demos which reproduce real attack and defence scenarios. 4 dedicated corners will show:


  • Next Generation CyberSecurity: a full immersion in a unique experience of  Intelligence- Driven Cyber Threat Hunting. Test your ability with the Cyber Trainer.

    The demo shows how the Threat Intelligence system can identify, through open sources analysis tools, a new malware disturbing the Safety Industrial Systems (SIS) dedicated to monitoring the plant’s performance, and how it can remediate the incident.

    Leonardo Cyber Trainer is a multi-operational scenarios environment that  simulates advanced cyber attacks against high complex ICT/OT (Operational Technology) systems. Through virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies, the system has been developed to train military and civil operators in charge of cyber defense and protection.

  • Cyber defence operations: will show you how the Decision Support System can enable a more efficient  and timely decision process.

    The Decision Support System is a platform based on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Analytics & IoT and takes advantage of the interconnections between heterogeneous cyber sources to actively measure the impact of cyber risks. The system supports organisations to take the right decisions to ensure business continuity.

  • Multi-domain & Integrated Security: where you can test the potentiality of investigation and decision support by combining cyber intelligence, physical security and video-analysis.

    The demo illustrates a scenario where cyber and physical security cooperate to support crime investigation and collect actionable information.

  • Industrial CyberSecurity: you can assist to interactive sessions of cyber threats modeling, IoT and SCADA protections, Secure Digital Manufacturing for industrial plants. Secure Connected Factory is Leonardo's solution conceived to support the digital transformation in the industrial sector, through a model that integrates advanced applications, hyper-connectivity and digital security. It allows the complete and integrated control of all the processes and assets of a production plant, to increase efficiency and reduce development time and costs.


Cybertech Europe 2018 – Cyber Defence Operations

Cybertech Europe 2018 – Next Generation Cyber Security

Cybertech Europe 2018 – Multi-domain & Integrated Security

Cybertech Europe 2018 – Industrial Cyber Security