Smart Working: Our Top 5 digital security best practices for working from home

27 March 2020

Following our recently published 12 rules for securing the extended IT perimeter of companies here are our Top 5 fundamental rules to help improve digital security for the growing number of people now working at home. 

The unfortunate truth in any cyber security chain is that the weakest element always turns out to be a person. Despite the warning of increased cyber-attack, both in terms of number and value, digital users have not yet acquired sufficient awareness of the risks and the damage they can cause to themselves and to companies. The strength of an entire chain depends on its weakest link, if this is compromised; the whole system is at risk.

Consider this… how many devices do we all have connected to the same network at home? Are we sure all our connections are safe? What might be the security risk? Are we able to identify growing cyberattacks aimed at stealing personal and company data, in the wake of Coronavirus emergency? 

This is why, at a time of increased online activity, Leonardo is providing some practical advice that will help all users improve their working behaviour and so provide greater protection from cyberspace threats that otherwise may go unchecked.

These are just some of the unknowns that our five-point checklist we hope raises awareness of.