Osprey spreads its considerable wings

13 August 2020

With more than 75 years’ experience designing and manufacturing radar technology, Leonardo has established itself as a world-leader in this area. Its products provide essential capability to military and civilian operations around the globe, and the company is now pushing new boundaries in surveillance innovation thanks to its multi-role Osprey radars.

Historically, radars have been developed with a specific domain in mind. However, Osprey 30 and Osprey 50 active electronically scanned array (AESA) Surveillance Radars facilitate multi-domain operations through a single radar.

Customers internationally use Osprey for missions covering defence, security, civil protection and environmental monitoring, as well as search and rescue – from the perilous seas up to the highest mountains. Osprey’s agility and versatility extend to its installation and configuration options – a single-mounted array on a gimbal, or a single, double or triple fixed-mounted array built into the fuselage. Furthermore, it features best-in-class software and adaptable waveforms that ensure users receive a high resolution picture via a variety of radar modes.

In addition to military and civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft benefitting from Osprey’s outstanding capabilities, Leonardo is seeing greater demand for its application on unmanned platforms, such as the US Navy’s MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter.

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