Civiltà delle Macchine magazine: published the n.3 of 2020

Shortly after completing this edition “Civiltà delle Macchine”, the editor of the magazine, Peppino Caldarola passed away on 21 September.

Building on a legacy of more than sixty years, this new edition of "Civiltà delle Macchine" is testment to his professionalism, his determination and his love for knowledge.

This issue is therefore dedicated to Peppino Caldarola.

30 September 2020

The focus of this edition is the dual anniversary of the Archive and the Ansaldo Foundation, with a look also on their home city of Genoa. In addition, the section on China opens with an interview with the painter Liu Xiaodong. In this new issue you can also find a story by Barbara Frandino about the astronomer Aristarchus of Samo and Gastone Novelli's drawings for "Diana's bathroom" by Pierre Klossowski.

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