Leonardo in Europe.
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A virtual experience


As part of Leonardo’s communication strategy that places greater emphasis on digitisation as a source of new opportunities to stay in touch with it’s stakeholders, is now online the virtual exhibition Leonardo in Europe.

Leonardo have been operating in the region for more than 70 years, providing solutions, products and services; collaborating with industry partners, governments and public institutions, both in the civil and the defence sectors.

Guests of the European virtual event are able to move independently within a synthetic environment and visit the different areas of the exhibition, where Leonardo's various areas of expertise will be presented through films, images, 3D models and technical data sheets.

The event is characterized by a rich schedule of webinars on Electronics, Aircraft and Unmanned Systems,  special insights into specific topics.
The European online event follows the recent virtual exhibitions that Leonardo hosted about our Naval Defence capabilities for the Middle East and our products and services for South America

Calendar of webinars and registration

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