Clean Sky

Clean Sky

Leonardo is a founding member of the Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative), an ambitious European aeronautical research programme, started in 2008 to develop breakthrough technologies which will significantly reduce the environmental impact of airplanes, helicopters and air transport and fuel efficient aircrafts, with a less emissions of noise and of pollutants (CO2 e NOx).


It represents a Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and Industry, whose final goal is to deliver technology demonstrators in all segments of civil air transport.


Leonardo joined the Clean Sky programme since its beginning and is currently implementing the relevant demonstration phase, that includes flight and ground testing of key enabling technologies for more efficient and environmental friendly helicopters and regional aircraft.


Moreover Leonardo joined the Clean Sky 2 programme, the evolution of the Clean Sky programme, that has been launched with the entry into force of the Regulation on June 26th 2014, and it is committed to build individual Clean Sky research and innovation projects into demonstration platforms and products close to market-ready levels.


Clean Sky 2 will be a major enabler to fully accomplish the ambitious environmental targets set by the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) for 2020, to which the current Clean Sky initiative is already strongly contributing.


By endorsing Clean Sky 2, the Council of the European Union has given the green light to the next generation of innovative aircraft which will deliver on the challenges faced in mobility, environment and competitiveness.


Leonardo is the leader for the development of  the Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor (NextGenCTR) and for the entire Regional Innovative Aircraft Development Platform (REG IADP), including the development of innovative technologies for regional aircraft fuselages, wing, onboard systems and passenger cabins and engine nacelles.