Artificial Intelligence

The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across many sectors of the global economy means that it is becoming an essential technology. Leonardo recognises the importance of AI and continues studies to identify new opportunities that can be applied to products and services. In particular, this research area:

  • Study and research new AI models and analysis techniques to monitor critical infrastructure using satellite data alongside data from audio, video, and Internet of Things (IoT) field sensors
  • Examine new AI models and analysis techniques for security applications using images, video streams, and audio – for example, advanced computer video analysis, crowd anomaly detection, and audio classification
  • Study and research new AI models and analysis techniques for command and control applications relying on advanced sensor data fusion, adaptable decision support systems, and contextual reasoning
  • Explore Explainable AI (XAI), certification and reliability
  • Study high-performance neural networks using light models or running on a multiple GPU
  • Investigate light models to run on small computing power devices (Embedded AI or On-the -Edge AI)
  • Investigate topics such as Few-Shot Learning, Continuous Learning and Domain Adaption.

The Leonardo Labs, which develop skills transversal to the company’s business areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence, are: Future Rotorcraft Technologies, Future Aircraft Technologies, Materials Technologies, Space Technologies, Future Electronics & Sensing, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Autonomous System, Future Security & Safety Technologies.