Leonardo Helicopters - Quality requirements for suppliers

The QRS-01 (Quality Requirements for Suppliers) and associated modules QRS-XXX is the Quality Manual applicable to all Suppliers when referred to within a Purchase Order or Agreement, and shall be flowed-down to all Sub-tier Suppliers. The QRS-XXX Modules shall be applied at their latest revision as published below.


All Suppliers must be approved to supply articles. The Aerospace companies are expected to be certified to the EN/AS/JISQ9100 series, as applicable, and the QRS-01 contains specific Leonardo Helicopters requirements that are in addition to these standards.


The use of IAQG documents and guidelines, such as SCMH (Supply Chain Management Handbook), are recommended to supplement the application of QRS-01.


The revised QRS-01 Issue 4 and associated modules is effective immediately for new approved Suppliers and will be applicable from September 1st, 2018 to all current Suppliers.


  QRS-01 Issue 4 and Associated Modules

QRS-01 Quality Requirements for Suppliers Issue 4 – Main Document

Document Title
QRS-01 Quality Requirements for Suppliers Issue 4 – Main Document
QRS-01 Annex 1 Record Retention Table (Issue 00)
QRS-01 Annex 2 Program Additional Requirements (Issue 00)
QRS-01 F01 - Corrective Action Request CAR form (issue 00)
QRS-01 F02 - REACh Declaraton form (Issue 00)
QRS-01 F03 - MIR form (Issue 00)
QRS-01 F04 - Log Card form (Issue 00)
QRS-01 F05 - RFVA Form (Issue 01)

QRS-100 Digital Manufacturing (DMFG)

Document Title
QRS-100 Digital Manufacturing (DMFG)

QRS-101 First Article Inspection

Document Title
QRS-101 First Article Inspection (Issue 02)
QRS-101 F01 - PN Accountability (Issue 02)
QRS-101 F02 - Article Accountability (Issue 02)
QRS-101 F03 - Characteristic Accountability (Issue 02)

QRS-103 Quality Req. for Subcontractors, GSE, Stockists of Raw Material, Distributors

Document Title
QRS-103 Subcontractors GSE Stockists Parts-Distributors (Issue 01)

QRS-104 Special Processes

Document Title
QRS-104 Special Processes (Issue 01)

QRS-105 Management of LH Equipments and Tools

Document Title
QRS-105 Management of LH equipments and tools (Issue 00)

QRS-107 Management of Non-Conforming Articles

Document Title
QRS-107 Management of Non-Conforming Articles (Issue 01)
QRS-107 F01 - Concession form and instructions (Issue 02)
QRS-107 F02 - Deviation Permit form and instructions (Issue 02)
QRS-107 F03 - Quality Alert form (Issue 00)

QRS-108 Supplier Quality Plans

Document Title
QRS-108 Supplier Quality Plans (Issue 01)

QRS-110 DO-PO Arrangement

Document Title
QRS-110 DO-PO Arrangement (Issue 01)
QRS-110 F01 - DO-PO Form (Issue 01)
QRS-110 F02 - IPO-PO Form (Issue 01)
QRS-110 F03 - SADD Form (Issue 01)

QRS-115 Requirements for Design & Development Suppliers

Document Title
QRS-115 Design and Development - Quality Requirements (Issue 03)
QRS-115 F01 - TAF (Issue 03)
QRS-115 F02 - COMO (Issue 00)
QRS-115 F03 - DDP 03 (Issue 03)
QRS-115 F04 - SCN (Issue 04)
QRS-115 F05 - DDS (Issue 03)

QRS-116 Software Development, Quality Requirements for Suppliers

Document Title
QRS-116 Software Development - Quality Requirements (Issue 03)

QRS-117 Complex Electronic Hardware, Quality Requirements for Suppliers

Document Title
QRS-117 Complex Electronic HW - Quality Requirements (Issue 03)

QRS-122 Supplier Component Maintenance / Operating Manuals management

Document Title
QRS-122 Supplier Components Maintenance-Operative Manuals (Issue 01)


Approved Sources

Here below technical documents relative QRS01 applicable to AW Ltd only:

SQA 50
SQA 55
SQA 80

Program Additional Requirements

Here below the Program Additional Requirements:

AW609 Conformity Requirements for Suppliers (Issue E)
QAS100 Issue 5


Q: When does QRS-01 Issue 4 and associated Modules become applicable? 
A: QRS-01 Issue 4 and associated Modules will become applicable from September 1st, 2018. 
For new approved Suppliers, they will be applicable immediately.
Q: Which revision of QRS-XXX Modules shall be applied?
A: The QRS-XXX Modules shall always be individually applied at their latest revision Issue published in the Leonardo Helicopters web page above.
Q: Which Leonardo Helicopters suppliers shall apply the QRS-01?
A: The QRS-01 and associated modules shall be applied by all aerospace Leonardo Helicopters suppliers worldwide, to confirm a unique approach on Quality.
Q: Which are the main changes of the QRS-01 Issue 4 and associated Modules?
A: The QR-01 Issue 4 and associated Modules have been updated and reorganized with several improvements that should facilitate access to the requirements and make these documents easier to read and to use. In terms of contents, the main changes involve: REACh requirements; Shelf life limit of supplied articles; Obsolescence of supplied articles; Management of Design changes (for design and development Suppliers); new module added (QRS-105: Management of LH Equipments and Tools).
Q: How Suppliers can address questions for clarifications about QRS-01 and/or submit suggestions for improvement?
A: Please submit your requests / suggestions to your Leonardo Helicopters Supplier Quality Assurance contact or to through functional mailbox: AWSupplierQualityAssurance.AW@leonardocompany.com
Q: To whom Suppliers have to send Quality Alerts/Notification of Escape/Service Bulletin?
A: Any Quality Alert/Notification of Escape or Service Bulletin shall be sent to LH Chief Project of reference, LH Quality Control of Reference and LH SQA (AWSupplierQualityAssurance.AW@leonardocompany.com).For UK only, to AWL_Product_Qualityalert.mbx.aw@leonardocompany.com .
Any other contact referred to in the contract shall be put in copy. Further details can be found in QRS-107.