Aircraft Division's Customer Support & Services is a customer-focused organization, providing support for it’s products, using technical expertise delivered within a service culture, and a commitment to develop valued long-term relationships with Customers.


Our goal is to have all elements of the network working together in a cohesive and effective way to support all our Customers in order to maximize the fleet availability and guarantee total costs of ownership in line with competitive market benchmarks.


Aircraft Division offers a wide range of cost effective Through Life Services which are oriented to maximize the fleet availability, minimizing the time required to solve technical problems, to repair parts and to provide spares.


The main services provided by Aircraft Division


Logistic Engineering

Logistic Engineering is an integrated and iterative process for developing Support Element and a support strategy that optimizes functional support, leverages existing resources, and guides the system engineering process to making the system easier and cheaper to support.

The Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) activities include the design or definition of:

  • Reliability engineering, Maintainability engineering and Maintenance Planning
  • Supply (Spare part) Support (e.g. ASD S2000M specification)
  • Support and Test Equipment/Equipment Support
  • Man-hours and Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T)
  • Technical Publication
  • Configuration Management

Technical Documentation

Aircraft Division produce a complete set of Technical Publications, following the applicable procedure and the most updated specifications (e.g. S1000D):

  • User Manuals: Flight Manuals, Operatives manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals: A/C, Equipment & GSE Maintenance Manuals
  • Repair Manuals: A/C Repair Manuals
  • IPC: Illustrated Part Catalogue Manuals

Customer Training

Aircraft Division training is designed for through-life effectiveness from the outset, as a fully integrated accompaniment to long term operational support solutions, including flight/mission planning and logistic support systems.

Advanced multi-media technology is available in the classroom with part task trainers and simulators ensuring a cost-effective allocation of training tasks.

Configuration Management

Aircraft Division offers a complete in-service configuration management in order to drive each aircraft upgrade or maintenance plan. For this reason each engineering modification is tracked and managed from the definition to the complete embodiment.

This is a discipline based on technical and management methods for defining, governing and tracing “Configuration”. Configuration Management will be applied on each Configuration Item defined as a component, module, sub-assembly, apparatus, technical manual, software or ground support equipment (or his sub-assy) that may be the subject to separate procurement.

Operative Support

Aircraft Division offers a wide Operative and technical support, which includes:

  • Defect Investigation: Evaluate Defects and identify Technical Solutions
  • In-Service Data: Data collection about operation & defect of the customers fleet
  • Query/Answering: Evaluate and answer to queries submitted by Customers
  • Repair Scheme: Generate Drawings, procedures and any other information to repair a particular type of damage
  • Technical Modification: offer Technical Modification which improves aircraft capability and/or address Customer requests
  • Field Services: Technical / Logistic / Maintenance support at Customer Base to provide real time assistance / services, ensuring a continuous connection to the industry
  • Configuration Management: Record data of the A/C configuration during the entire Life-Cycle

Material Support & Services

Engineering & Logistic support for Customer assets optimization
Spare parts and Ground Support Equipment Initial Provisioning and re-provisioning
Repair, Overhaul and Modification of Aircraft Items and GSEs

Material Support Services including:

  • Essential on-site stock
  • Pool Access
  • Repair & Overhaul
  • On-site Logistic Assistance
  • GSEs Maintenance

Additional on line services

“ ACS Portal” is the new Aircraft Division web portal designed with the aim of providing sevices to the Customer and facilitating information exchange with maximum informatic securety.
Our portal is organized in 6 main section:

1.    In Service Operational Data, divided in:

  • My Report: manage Customer docs, Reports and database relevant to In Service Data
  • My Aircraft: manage fleet status


2.    Request and Response, designed to manage all official R&R between customers and Aircraft Division. Is divided in:

  • Request for quotation
  • Engineering queries
  • Request for spares
  • Request of repair


3.    Modification, manage Change Authorities documentation and highlights its embodiment. Is divided in:

  • Change authorities
  • Embodiment


4.    Information: manage information exchange from/to Customer


5.    Technical Publication: designed in order to allow our Customer to consult directly through internet browser the applicable technical publication.


6.    Last Info: news and highlights

Ground Support Equipment & System

Aircraft Division offer a  process of  Ground Support Equipment  (GSE) life cycle management. The GSE&S office design and create each own GSE and offer a  management of all support equipment  (for example: test benches, inspection equipment, transportation equipment, repair ,assembly and disassembly kits),   needed for operation and maintenance of the aircraft (included Hardware and Software) for any maintenance level.






ACS Portal” is the new Leonardo Customer Division web portal designed with the aim of providing services to the Customer and facilitating information exchange with maximum information security.
ACS Portal is protected from unauthorized access or intrusion and only allowed users could access to the application.