A new brand: pillars for growth

A new brand: pillars for growth

A new brand to bear witness to the thorough restructuring of our company into an integrated and global industrial entity.


Our new name – Leonardo - is mirrored by a new logo that identifies our company globally. This logo holds our link to the past, by maintaining the image of rays converging to form a globe in motion, as a symbol of our aspiration to global excellence, while introducing two new elements to mark our company’s new identity.


The globe symbol has changed direction, thus giving the visual sensation of a change of pace and the start of a new path. The rays are now eight, eight propellers in constant movement that symbolise our activities. Eight converging lines that represent the pillars that we leverage to sustain our growth.


We look far ahead, to understand what scenario our company will exist in and what technologies and resources will be needed to grow according to our vision. Foresight and dynamism are essential to identify the most promising markets, understand customers’ requirements and create new opportunities. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our diverse lines of business have been unified under a single centre allowing for the supply of integrated products and solutions, generating a dynamic system and a more complete offer. Focused on the central role of products and customers, the One Company is our strength.

Our focus on innovation is a key factor of our competitiveness and success, making us an essential industrial and economic growth driver, creating highly qualified jobs and aggregating relevant supply chains. Also thanks to the continuous exchange with the world of research and academia, we contribute to the overall growth of a “technological culture”.

We maintain a constant dialogue with customers and partners to understand their needs and address the complex challenges of ever-changing markets across the globe. Our new business models are centred on integrated capabilities and customer service, emphasising dual applications, standardisation and modularity, and effective management of Research and Development.

Now we have one voice to speak to the world. We have 218 sites all over the world with a consolidated industrial presence in Italy, United Kingdom, United States and Poland. Our products and solutions are in use in around 150 countries. We have an international network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and strategic and product partnerships that leverage agreements with institutions, government agencies and industrial partners.

It is essential that we earn and maintain the trust and respect of all our stakeholders, by generating social and economic value in all countries in which we have a business presence. We pursue this objective through a daily commitment to promoting ethical and trustworthy behaviour inside our company, as well as contributing to the growth and well-being of communities and territories. 

We value talent – individual and as a team. For this reason we recognise excellence and promote a culture of scientific and technical learning. Our know-how not only distinguishes our products and services, but also  contributes significantly  to the development of the industrial, social and economic fabric within which we do our work, through our collaborations with the education systems and universities.

Leonardo is born today, yet it is already 150 years old, as it has inherited the history of Finmeccanica and its companies, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills. From here we start to build our future and to give, with our technologies, our contribution for a safer and more sustainable world.