Flick's Committee

The Board of Directors of  Leonardo Spa, convened in Rome on April 15th, 2013, has approved the establishment of a Committee, the “Flick Committee”, entrusted with the task of identifying the criteria and behaviors to which a Group of global dimensions and worldwide presence in the Aerospace and Defence sector must comply with in order to conform to higher-aiming best practices and formulating necessary “Recommendations” to achieve them.


In the light of the analysis carried out and in compliance with best practices, the Committee has expressed the following recommendations:


  1. Adoption of Finmeccanica Group’s Integrity and Anti-Corruption Code setting forth, in a complete and organic manner, integrity, transparency, and prevention of corruption’s principles, in line with international best practice, aimed at preventing and tackling corruption risks in the activities of Finmeccanica and of the Group’s companies.
  2. Constitution of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Committee (“Finmeccanica Group’s Committee”) with jurisdiction extended to all of the companies of the Group. The Committee should be formed by persons who meet the autonomy, professionalism and expertise requirements and entrusted with the task of, inter alia, assessing Code’s adequacy  to comply with integrity’s standards and to prevent corruption as well as inform, periodically and promptly, about the necessity and/or the opportunity to review or update the Code.
  3. Redefinition of Audit activities and information flow consequently to the Holding’s centralization of auditing activities and in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its control.
  4. Valorization and management of reporting (including anonymous reporting) by implementing appropriate reporting channel (whistleblowing) and assistance’s tools for directors, employees and consultants (help-line), which may demand it, finding themselves in risky situations.
  5. Adequacy of the Training System direct to bodies/committees’ members, employees and people with whom the Group has contractual relationships, which should be differentiated according to the risk profile and to the business relationship.
  6. Spread of Anti-Corruption Public commitment and support to related Anti-Corruption initiatives by Finmeccanica and all Group’s companies by taking part actively in international bodies involved in the contrast against corruption and by supporting anti-corruption initiatives both at national and international level.
  7. Strengthen of the Compliance System at the Group level with particular reference to “Trade Compliance” and anti-corruption by enhancing Holding’s direction and coordination activities in such areas and by providing them adequate tools and resources.


The Flick Committee’s report has been presented to the Board of Directors on March 31st, 2014, which approved the recommendations expressed therein. The recommendations provide useful information for further improvement actions within a framework already put in place by the Holding to strengthen the internal control system and the development of new compliance policies.