Meeting 2018

Meeting 2018

The Shareholders' Meeting  has taken place  in Ordinary session on 15 May 2018 (in  second call) at 10:30 a.m. in Rome at the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”, Via della Lungara, 230 – 00165.



For any further information regarding the Shareholders' Meeting and, in particular, the means of exercising related rights, Shareholders may contact +390645417401 (Computershare S.p.A.)




The documents published in this area have been translated into English solely for the convenience of the international reader. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between the terms used in the Italian version of these documents and the English version, the Italian version shall prevail, as it constitutes the sole official document.


Information and Forms


 "Question and Answers" - Shareholders' Meeting Guide 2018
 Information Statement pursuant to article 13 of the personal data protection Code
 Proxy Form 
 Proxy Form for Appointed Representative
Share Capital 



Notices and Press Releases


  Press Release - B.o.D. 14 March 2018
  Legal Notice-Filing of documentation 15 March 2018
  Press Release - Filing of documentation 21 March 2018
  Press Release - B.o.D. 27 March 2018
  Press Release - Filing of documentation 30 March 2018
  Press Release - Filing of documentation 6 April 2018
  Press Release - Pubblication of lists and proposal of  Ministry of Economy and Finance  19 April 2018
  Notice of Call Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting 30 March 2018
  Extract of the Notice of Call Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting 30 March 2018
  Notice Shareholders’ Meeting in second call, 8 May 2018
  Press Release of Shareholders Meeting 15th of May 2018
  Notice Dividend Payment
  Availability Shareholders’ Meeting Mintutes



Documents and Reports

  By Laws
  Shareholders' Meeting Regulations
  Annual Financial Report 2017
  2017 Sustainability and Innovation Report_Non Financial Statement
  Corporate Governance Report 2018
  Explanatory Reports B.o.D
  Well-grounded proposal Board Statutory Auditors item 7 on the Agenda
 Remuneration Report 2018
 Disclosure Document on the Long-Term Incentive Plan
  List n. 1 appointment Board Statutory Auditors  (Italian version)
  List n. 2 appointment Board Statutory Auditors  (Italian version)
  C.V. List n. 1
  C.V. List n. 2 (courtesy translation)
  Questions and Answers before AGM 2018 (Italian version)
  Summary of the voting
  Summary Resolutions Ordinary Meeting