About Us

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We are a global high-tech company and one of the key players in Aerospace, Defence and Security


Technological innovation: a combination of creativity, passion and talent


We constantly explore new ideas to turn them into new technologies that improve our world and design the future one. We invest in research and development to provide sustainable and competitive solutions. Wherever defence and security are needed:  land, sea, sky, Space and cyberspace.


Integrating the technological excellence of our laboratories and the highly specialised know how of our technicians and engineers, we work to make the world a safer place, protect people, the environment, networks and information, contribute to scientific research and to the diffusion of a solid technological culture.





Customer-focus: a strategic priority


On board an aircraft or in a control room, in naval or Space missions, travelling on cybernetic networks or patrolling territories: every day our clients face the challenges and complexities of an ever-changing world.


We are on their side, with a long-term commitment, to manage products, systems and services. Providing reliable, timely and customised solutions that guarantee the cutting-edge technology, maximum operational efficiency and security for end users.








We are key players in the global Aerospace, Defence and Security markets. 


Since 4 July 2013 Gianni De Gennaro is our Chairman and since 16 May 2017 Alessandro Profumo is our CEO.

Ethics & Compliance

Compliance with ethics, laws and integrity builds trust and confidence in customers and all the company’s stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Our governance model aims to ensure the integrity and correctness of decision-making processes.


We create value for shareholders and for all stakeholders with a long-term sustainable growth path.

Our History

Leonardo is born today, yet it is already 150 years old. A history made of people, knowledge, research, development and innovation.

Our Identity

Leonardo symbolises our ability to imagine and design solutions, a synthesis of ingenuity, creativity and passion.