Leaders in Aerospace, Defence and Security

We are one of the world’s major players in Aerospace, Defence and Security, a global solutions provider and a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions and business customers.

We deliver cutting-edge and dual-use technologies, meeting both military and civil requirements. In partnership with our customers, we work to strengthen global security, protect people, territories, infrastructure and cyber networks. We guarantee the safe management of air, sea and urban spaces, as well as large-scale events.  

We have a solid industrial legacy, strengthened by the expertise of our people and the continuous pursuit of innovation in our core technologies. Underpinned by a sustainable business model, we are pursuing a path of long-term growth that will create value for all our stakeholders.

Our Managers

Luciano Carta
Alessandro Profumo
Chief Executive Officer
Lucio Valerio Cioffi
General Manager
Fabio Barsotti
Manufacturing and Program Management Optimization Director
Norman Bone
Managing Director of the Electronics Division
Zaira Burlo
Customer Support, Services & Training Director
Giacinto Carullo
Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer
Roberto Cingolani
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Gian Piero Cutillo
Managing Director of the Helicopter Division
Pasquale Di Bartolomeo
Chief Commercial Officer
Marco Di Capua
Chief Audit Executive
Alessandra Genco
Chief Financial Officer
Filippo Maria Grasso
Italian Institutional Affairs Director
Simonetta Iarlori
Chief People, Organization and Transformation Officer
Salvatore Lampone
Chief Risk Officer
William J. Lynn III
Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo DRS
Andrea Parrella
Group General Counsel
Luigi Pasquali
Coordinator of Space Activities
Enrico Peruzzi
New Business Development and Country Support Director
Tommaso Profeta
Managing Director of the Cyber Security Division
Andrea Salpietro
Chief Security Officer
Enrico Savio
Chief Strategy & Market Intelligence Officer
Giancarlo Schisano
Managing Director of the Aerostructures Division
Laurent Sissmann
Unmanned Systems Manager
Giovanni Soccodato
Chief Strategic Equity Officer
Gianbattista Vittorioso
Communication Director
Marco Zoff
Managing Director of the Aircraft Division
Our Shareholders

2019 Highlights
R&D (€mln)
Workforce (no.)
Worldwide footprint

Headquartered in Italy, we operate globally, through a deep-rooted industrial presence in four domestic markets (Italy, United Kingdom, United States and Poland), backed by an international commercial network in about 40 countries worldwide. A number of subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures supports our global presence.

We have a team of more than 49,000 people working worldwide. Products, systems and services provided by Leonardo are currently in use in about 150 countries. 84% of our revenues come from international markets.

Leonardo’s global headcount: 49,530 (as of 2019)

Our industrial footprint

Other countries 515 Italy 31,186 USA 6,996 UK 7,305 Germany 222 Poland 2,814 Brazil 70 Canada 422
How we work
•    Helicopters
•    Aircraft
•    Aerostructures
•    Electronics
•    Cybersecurity
•    Kopter
•    Leonardo DRS
•    Elettronica
•    Vitrociset
•    ATR
•    MBDA
•    Telespazio
•    Thales Alenia Space
•    Avio
(helicopters – 100%), 
(defence electronics – 100%), 
(defence electronics - 31.33%), 
(ICT, logistics – 100%), 
(turboprop regional aircraft – 50%), 
(missiles and missile systems – 25%), 
(satellite services – 67%), 
(space manufacturing – 33%), 
(space propulsion – 29.63%)
A quality supply chain

Leonardo’s supply chain contributes to our business competitiveness, and to the social and economic development of the territories in which we operate. Most of our global suppliers are high-tech Small and Medium-sized enterprises, which generate highly qualified occupation in the territories where we are present.


The percentage of Small & Medium Enterprises in domestic supply chains


Designing the technologies of tomorrow

Technological innovation is the main driver for our Company

  • To sustain our own long-term and sustainable growth
  • To be a key contributor to the society’s security and progress


Our commitment to accelerate the innovation process


Our Masterplan 2030 is the new roadmap for research and innovation, to become an innovation-driver Company, guiding the future technological trends for new products and services.

  • Create a network of Leonardo Labs to explore innovative technologies.
  • Become a 100% digitally-driven Company.
  • Be a magnet for emerging international talents.
Enabling a sustainable future

Sustainability is fully integrated in our Strategic Plan, based on sound governance and expressed in specific objectives, to create positive impacts on the territories where we operate.