Luigi Pasquali


Coordinator of Space Activities

Chief Executive Officer of Telespazio

Luigi Pasquali is the Chief Executive Officer of Telespazio since February 2013 and the Coordinator of Leonardo’s Space Activities since January 2016.

As an Electronics Engineer, Luigi attended masters in Finance and Business Management at the Milan’ s Bocconi University and served in the Italian Army as an Officer in the Technical Corps, in charge of telecommunications.

First recruited by Selenia as System Engineer where he was involved in international projects, he subsequently joined Stet/Telecom with a role in international strategies and development. Subsequently he moves to Spain as Director of Business Development at Atlanet, Telefonica group. Returning to Italy he was appointed Director of Telecommunications in Alenia Spazio (now Thales Alenia Space) with increasing responsibilities . Luigi moved to Telespazio to become Chief Operating Officer and returns to after three years to Thales Alenia Space Italia as President and CEO , and Deputy CEO of the Thales Alenia Space group.

Luigi is currently member of the Board of Directors of Thales Alenia Space and AVIO, as well as member of the Board of AIAD, federation of Italian Industries for Aerospace, Defence and Security.

He is registered in the Roll of Engineers of the Province of Rome, Italy.