Control and Risks Committee

The Control and Risks Committee is currently composed of 5 non-executive Directors, all of which are “independent” and are assigned the task of supporting - with appropriate auditing activities  the assessments and decisions of the Board of Directors pertaining to the internal control and risk management system as well as those relating to the approval of periodical financial reports.

The Committee is also entrusted with monitoring the autonomy, compliance, efficacy and efficiency of the Group Internal Audit department: the Committee monitors the latter's activities if the Chairman of the Board is delegated operating powers.

The Committee also acts as “Committee for Related Parties Transactions”, in compliance with the provisions of the specific Procedure adopted by the Board of Directors.

Committee function and duties are illustrated and governed by specific Regulations that are approved by the Board of Directors.


Updated June 2020


Control and Risks Committee Members
Dario Frigerio (Chairman, independent)
Pierfrancesco Barletta (independent)
Paola Giannetakis (independent)
Maurizio Pinnarò (independent)
Marina Rubini (independent)