Life at Leonardo

We believe in the value and skills of our people
Technological innovation and global competition require ideas, skills and passion. People are our greatest asset. Results stem from teamwork where the personal and creative contribution of each person plays a key role.

Leonardo's strength lies in its people: women and men who drive the growth and improvement of the Company every day by advocating behaviours that are consistent with the Group's value system.

Here at Leonardo:

  • We work in an honest, loyal and reliable way;
  • We support the professional growth of our people and reward those who seek and nurture Leonardo's success;
  • Our mindset is oriented towards constant technological progress through the creation and implementation of  cutting-edge solutions;
  • We have a global presence, we respect each country's culture and advocate a culture of inclusion and respect for diversity within the Company;
  • Our industrial approach is sustainable thanks to our unwavering commitment to economic and social development of the communities in which we operate and to the protection of health and the environment.

One large team

One large team

International, multicultural, innovative, technological. The beating heart of Leonardo is made up of over 46,000 people in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Leonardo believes its strength lies in the coming together of diverse cultures, which enriches all involved. For this reason, international mobility is an integral part of the professional development path established by the Company.

We employ approximately 10,000 aeronautical, aerospace, electronics, mechanical, information technology and telecommunications engineers. It is through the development of these highly qualified scientific resources, that Leonardo is able to guarantee the technological excellence that makes it one of the major global players in the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.



Tapping into talent: our challenge

Reward excellence, tap into talent, share know-how and best practices: these are the keys to long-term sustainable growth.

Tapping into talent: our challenge

In this ever-changing context of business, we are committed to providing a work environment that rewards merit and competence, offering everyone the opportunity to recognise and develop their talent so that it becomes an integral and functional part of an ambitious shared design.

Our people are welcome to partake in development initiatives and targeted training all throughout their professional lives with the objective of identifying and harnessing the greatest talents, which in turn enrich the capacity and competencies of the entire company population.

These opportunities for development and training enable each person not only to increase their knowledge base, but also to internalise the set of values, skills and behaviours that are an integral part of Leonardo's DNA, the Leonardo Leadership Framework, thus contributing to the renewal and ongoing updating of the organisational culture.

We value genders and generations

We value genders and generations

We foster a multicultural and inclusive work environment that respects and promotes diversity.

The Company guarantees equal opportunity and fair treatment for all employees based on their individual skills and abilities. It prohibits any form of discrimination and exploitation of child, forced or illegal labour. Furthermore, it protects the dignity of people, guaranteeing political and trade union rights, as well as respect for privacy, health and safety.

We are strongly committed to building a diverse workforce, including increasing the number of female employees at Leonardo, at all levels. This is reflected by women holding a range of senior executive roles around the world, and our female workforce growing year-on-year.







Our Welfare

We foster and protect the welfare of our people by offering services and initiatives that aim to effectively meet their needs, including outside the workplace.

Our Welfare

Leonardo considers welfare an essential element to support the well-being of its people, which is why the Company has implemented numerous tools that place the person at the centre of the organisational system. Our systemic welfare model, which is also accessible on a dedicated web platform, offers individuals a choice of vouchers for a wide range of goods and services related to culture, sport, travel, free time and supplementary pension.

In Italy, a new health insurance plan was introduced for employees and their immediate family and the cost is covered completely by the Company. In the United States, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been implemented to offer all employees health consultation services, financial and legal support, and parenting counselling. In the United Kingdom, Leonardo offers support services for the health and well-being of employees that include smoking cessation programmes and dietary advice.

Health and safety at the forefront

Health and safety at the forefront

Health and Safety of our employees is paramount to our commitment to sustainable growth

Leonardo is committed to protecting the health and safety of its stakeholders, always operating in full compliance with the specific regulations’ requirements of each country in which the Group is present.

The commitment in this area, confirmed in the Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy, includes employees and contractors in working sites and offices of the Group and the employees travelling for work or seconded abroad (travel policy).

Among the initiatives for the health and safety protection in the workplace, Leonardo implements management systems in compliance with international standards and involves its employees, contractors and service providers in promoting awareness and training activities.



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Health and safety
Travel security

Investments in security - €8.5 million (over €31 million in the past three years).

Ongoing training - 149,000 hours of specialist health and safety training (+31% compared to 2016).

Implementation of management systems - 38 sites equipped with  OHSAS 18001 certified health and safety management system, where 56% of the workforce operates.

Employees - The frequency rate6 in 2017 was equal to 1.0 with a low increase on 2016 (0.9), due to a wider scope of the reporting.

Suppliers - Services provided by third parties were monitored at 30 sites (e.g., global services, logistics, ICT) for a total of over 300 suppliers and 73 accidents recorded.

Training - 950 employees involved in courses in relation to abroad activities.

Tools - Property methodology to evaluate country risk level; periodical outlook and warnings; 24/365 health help desk.

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