The “V-Fides” project, partly financed by the Tuscan Region, concerns the development of a Wire-Guidable Underwater Vehicle capable of performing various types of mission, like, for instance:


- Environmental physical/chemical monitoring of sea areas;


- Exploration of the sea bottom;


- Archaeological prospecting;


- Mobile node for underwater communications.


V-Fides has the option of working both as autonomous vehicle (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – AUV) and as remote controlled vehicle (Remote Controlled Vehicle – ROV).

The name “V-Fides” is a tribute to the City of Livorno, whose coat of arms contains a flag with the words “Fides”. V-Fides is also an acronym for “Wire-Guided Vehicle for Underwater Exploration and Identification” (“Veicolo Filoguidato per l’Identificazione e l’Esplorazione Subacquea”).


Today the above prototype has commercial opportunities both in its civil version “Columbus” and in the military one “DevilFish”.