TM 197B

TM 197B

The TM 197B Light Turreted Gun System is designed for integration under the nose of combat and multi-role helicopters and features the General Dynamics M197 20mm Gatling gun.

The TM 197B  turret provides the helicopter with a weapon system suitable for air-to-ground and close range air-to-air combat missions, taking advantage of the performance of a 20mm gun with reduced weight and low profile, thus allowing a safe stand-off flight.

The TM 197B can be easily fitted into military helicopters, not originally  designed for the combat role.

The turret motion, in azimuth and elevation, is controlled by the pilot or the co-pilot/gunner by means of a Helmet and Display Sight System (which sense the position and the motion of the head of the two crew members) and/or by the Main Sight Unit of the Combat System of the helicopter.
Operation is possible at helicopter speeds up to 140 knots and the firing position is maintained under all critical flight and maneuver conditions.

The TM 197B turret provides flexible and fixed modes of fire. In case of aircraft or turret power failure the weapon returns to the fixed forward firing position and is automatically locked. 

Technical specifications