The Single FAST FORTY is a new generation naval weapon which fully satisfies the requirements of full automation, quick reaction time, high reliability, easy installation (no deck penetration required) and easy of maintenance.

The characteristics of the Single FAST FORTY make it particularly suitable for operation against targets such as surface threats, fast attacking aircraft, antiship helicopters and fast surface crafts (asymmetric warfare) as well as for non lethal warning fire.

This weapon is fitted with a 40mm cannon characterized by a high rate of fire, high accuracy and two automatic ammunition feeding system providing plentiful availability of two different types of rounds ready to fire.

In the Remote Control mode the Single FAST FORTY is linked to the ship’s Command Management System and excellent performance is ensured by very short reaction time and high accuracy of control system. The latest generation of digital architecture meets the requirements of modern Combat Management System - LAN technology.

In the Local Mode the Single FAST FORTY is equipped of a modern Electro Optical System provided with a daylight camera, high performance I.R. camera and Laser Range Finder.

Local control can be provided with a multifunction gunner console directly linked to the EOS.
Additional function such as ballistic predictioncalculation (high accuracy computation guaranteed by an on-board muzzle velocity radar) and target tracker are also available.