PERSEUS CSP (Communication Service Platform)

PERSEUS CSP (Communication Service Platform)

PERSEUS CSP is a unified, integrated communications platform providing professional, public safety functionality across a wide range of technologies including TETRA, DMR, LTE and Wi-Fi. 


With CSP communications services,  technologies that can be mixed together are delivered independently on networks . CSP supports  smooth network evolution allowing the seamless introduction of new technologies. CSP is the base of a multi-technology complete ecosystem that provides voice and data professional communications together with control room applications such as recording and location based services.
The CSP  Network Elements ,  based on a common platform composed by rack-mountable industrial workstation server, are:


CSP-CM (Call Manager) is the main functional element of the CSP platform. It provides unified and integrated Professional and Emergency communications services to its subscribers independently from the adopted access network technology (e.g. enterprise VoIP phones, TETRA handheld terminals, LTE user equipment, Wi-Fi devices, military radio terminals, etc.).
The CSP-CM implements the call manager function to establish speech and data calls by processing PTT Supplementary Services (TETRA services) over IP protocols.


CSP-SMN (Service Management Node) is the repository for the profiles of all subscribers and groups of the CSP network. 


CSP-CRIS (Control Room IP Server) has been designed to meet control room requirements relating to redundancy, flexibility and easy integration with third party applications. 


CSP-GW (Gateway IP) provides gateway services to the CSP subscribers connecting the CSP platform with external networks in order to satisfy the increasing need for integration of different communications technologies especially during mission-critical operations.


CSP-ALS (Automatic Localization System) is used to track mobile assets such as vehicles and people inside the CSP network. 


CSP-DS (Dispatcher Station) allows operators  to interact with the CSP core network communications. This easy- to -use application is PC-based with a modern graphical interface.


CSP-REC (Recorder Server) is a network element that processes, manages and stores all voice communications within a CSP network.


CSP-VoCM (Enterprise Voice Call Manager) is designed to enable the evolution of traditional PSTN telephony systems towards network solutions that route data packets containing the voice information, encoded in digital form.