The Morpheus anti-torpedo defence system detects and classifies an attacking enemy torpedo and neutralizes it by means of acoustic countermeasures.


The system consists of the following three main parts:


Black Snake

The Black Snake is a towed sonar expressly designed to detect and classify attacking torpedoes. This sensor has been designed to be integrated with WASS countermeasure systems, in particular as “alert” part of the C310; its particularly small sizes as regards weight and dimensions allow it to be installed also on small and medium tonnage ships that cannot host traditional towed sensors typically bigger and heavier.


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Reaction Software

The Reaction Software that forms the “brain” of the system, can receive alarm data both from the Black Snake and from any other board sensor capable of detecting torpedoes, if already present on a Ship or Submarine.


It calculates the release times of the countermeasure salvo and suggests a clearing course to the command chain.



Acoustic countermeasures launching system

The countermeasure launching system, supplied by WASS in surface version (C310) is formed by a launching network with 8 or 12 barrels. The system assures the ejection at suitable distance of countermeasures that can both represent dummy mobile targets (MTE) and generate disturbance noise for the acoustic head of the enemy torpedo (Jammers).


The combination of mobile Decoys and Jammers has the purpose of cheating the torpedo, which directs its attacks towards the dummy targets, thus allowing the ship to perform an evasive countermeasure.


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