The HITROLE®- G is a modern, fully stabilized, electrically operated and remotely controlled naval weapon system that can be fitted with a range of single or multi barrels cannons, well suited for policing operations and countering asymmetric threats.

An “on mount” high capacity ammunition storage (400 rounds 12,7mm), plus additional ammunition depots under the mount, guarantee the necessary operative flexibility and autonomy for close-in protection against sea-based threats and air targets.

HITROLE®- G can be fitted with single barrel cannons of 12,7mm, or 7,62mm, or 5,56mm in caliber or 40mm AGL , while the choice for multi barrel Gatling cannons is of 12,7mm or 7,62mm, or 5,56 mm in caliber.

HITROLE®- G can be easily operated by a single operator through a Remote Control Console and joystick or it can be controlled by the ship’s Combat Management System.

Technical specifications