Associazione Museo della Melara

Associazione Museo della Melara

The Museo della Melara Association, established in 1985, manages the Museo della Breda Meccanica Bresciana in Brescia, which takes the form of a permanent photography exhibition featuring 200 black and white images that tell the story of the company, and a former air raid shelter which, during the Second World War, was used to shelter the workers during the bombings.

Visitors to the bunker can re-live the “sounds of the war” and the fear that those inside the air raid shelter would have experienced as a sound file plays the noises of a bomb raid at top volume complete with sirens, explosions and thunderous roars. The bunker also hosts an exhibition space with a collection of vintage photos.

Additionally, the Association manages the important OTO Melara Historical Archive, in the La Spezia plant, recognised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as “of particularly significant historical interest” and the Breda Meccanica Bresciana Historical Archive.

To visit the museum, booking is required. 

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