TEAM UP with Safety: the AW139 Flight Crew Operating Manual

The AW139 Offshore Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM) is now available and can be easily downloaded through Leonardo Customer Portal (MyPublication area), through our SkyFlight APP (AW Training Publication area) and through the mobile App “AW Training” (available both for Android and iOS devices).



The Leonardo Helicopters AW139 Offshore Flight Crew Operations Manual is an exciting new publication that brings together all the rotorcraft flight manual features (reference material, systems analysis, guidance on multi crew cooperation and best operational practices) and represents a valuable and enhanced  reference tool for the offshore operations.

The FCOM is the result of the Company’s focus to improve safety in operations providing Operators a superior mean to achieve operational effectiveness.

The Catalogue has been conceived as one of the main initiatives Leonardo Helicopters is putting in place to enhance flight safety in respect of the HeliOffshore collaborative approach (i.e. narrower Operational Suitability Data, Glass Cockpit & Automation Transition Courses, Threat and Error Management /Crew Resource Management elements embedded in the Training Courses plus several other initiatives to enhance safe and effective use of automation).

The FCOM has been designed to assist operators of the AW139 platform, delivering the main source of reference for the AW139 Offshore Operations.
It has been written and organized in the same way as  the Operator’s Operations Manual Part B or equivalent, in accordance with the relevant applicable requirements.

A preliminary version has been shared with HeliOffshore and a wide spectrum of key offshore operators to gain additional valuable inputs in advance to the official publication and to ensure an innovative and collaborative approach that facilitates the FCOM final release.

We believe that teaming up with our Network is the best and safest way to further develop and improve the FCOM.

We are delighted to work with our Customers and Partners to raise the safety bar.

FCOM main functionalities




The document is divided into twelve chapters which can be grouped into four major sections:
•    Aircraft Performance Limitations
•    Normal Operations
•    Emergency Operations
•    Aircraft Systems. 

Each section has been structured to provide detailed and practical information.
With the implementation of the offshore platform supplements into the basic Rotorcraft Flight Manual, flight crews can now find basic and supplementary data organized together in their appropriate area.


FCOM Chapters linked with Skyflight service and functionalities




Leonardo AW139 helicopter is a modern sophisticated aircraft that employs automation to increase the level of safety and to support our Customers and Partners in handling all types of flight environments. 
The FCOM contains guidance and reviews of the automation used throughout the entire flight operations, representing a valuable tool for the application and understanding of the aircrafts automatised technology. 


Multi Crew Cooperation

In addition to assisting flight crews in systems management, the FCOM includes a dedicated Multi Crew Cooperation section on crew responsibilities and interaction. This section describes the recommended terminology that is used already  within crew communication tables for a specific procedure, making flight crew cockpit communication clear and understandable.


Performance Planning and Digital Applications

In an effort to aid pilots in simplifying processes, Leonardo Helicopters is developing in parallel to the FCOM further electronic solutions to collect mandatory performance calculations to be completed before every flight. Within this there is already a weight and balance calculator which also includes a brand new engine power assurance check application. 
The Category A takeoff and landing performance application completes the practical software solutions for pilots in their performance flight planning.