Responsible business conduct

Through the years we have built an integrated responsible business conduct model with the aim to prevent the risk of illicit practices, at all work levels and in any geographical area, by disseminating and promoting our ethical values as well as by defining clear rules of conduct and implementing effective control processes, in line with the requirements set forth by applicable laws and international best practices. The best practices include the "Common Industry Standards - Common principles against corruption of the companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector” (ASD- AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the "Global principles for business Ethical Conduct" - Global principles of business ethics for companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector (IFBEC - International Forum for Business Ethical Conduct). 

In order to improve constantly its business conduct, Leonardo also collaborates with organisations such as TRACE International and the Institute of Business Ethics.

Permanent Education
Zero Tollerance for corruption

Our Anti-corruption Code is a structured and consistent system inspired to principles of integrity and transparency, which defines the rules to prevent and fight corruption in the conduct of corporate business and activities. 
The Anti-corruption Code applies to all Board members and Statutory Auditors (or members of management and control bodies), to employees, suppliers, collaborators as well as to anyone who has a contractual relation with Leonardo or the Group Companies, without exception.

The Corruption Prevention Coordination & Consulting Board, led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Leonardo, is responsible for coordinating the offices responsible for verifying compliance with the applicable rules of conduct at Group level and recommend any updates or changes of the Anti-corruption Code. 

In Leonardo Spa there is a specific unit responsible for overseeing the Anti-bribery management system, monitoring its functioning, adequacy with respect to the risks and effective implementation as well as for promoting the relevant updates as regards developments in the applicable law and/or the relevant internal or external factors for the system. 

The Anti-corruption unit reports functionally to the Chairman and hierarchically to the Group General Counsel and has direct access to the Top Management and to the corporate bodies, by means of ad hoc information flows.