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Tapping into the talent of today to create the Leonardo of tomorrow
Leonardo is committed to enhancing the areas in which it operates by driving growth, jobs and entrepreneurial development. Within this framework, the Company actively participates in an ongoing dialogue with educational institutions. Meetings and discussions are held with Universities, Technical Institutes and schools in order to steer the new generations towards mathematics and scientific studies and towards technical professions.

The Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS): education, training, work

The Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS): education, training, work

Leonardo joined the ITS project launched by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) together in agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development to strengthen business vocations in Italy and to boost technical professions among youth.

The Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS) are technical training schools which run two-year post-diploma courses for ‘super technicians’ in which the scholastic skills are matched by capacities expected by companies. 50% of ITS teaching is done by schools and universities, the other 50% by companies themselves.

ITS present remarkable opportunities for both young people and companies. Higher Technical Institutes offer a unique opportunity for both young people and businesses by providing a channel for post-diploma training that runs parallel to academic studies and integrates education, field training and work.

Go to the MIUR website.

The Leonardo ITS institutes has teachers from within our Company  who transfer not only their knowledge and skills to students during the two-year course, but also their passion for the profession. They also help promote local industrial awareness  and stimulate growth and employment.


Leonardo and ITS

Additionally, the Company joins other partners in working groups, including the Aerospace and Defence Growth Partnership in the United Kingdom, with the aim of fostering joint efforts within the industry.

Leonardo also contributes to the development of civic awareness and the exercise of active citizenship by hosting students in combined study-work experiences that reduce the gap between the demand for business skills and the professional expectations of young people.

Internships and apprenticeships: we look to the future

Leonardo has always been closely aligned with the world of Universities, Scientific and Technological Research and to the people belong to it, especially the younger generation, who with their enthusiasm, their curiosity for the world, their ideas and their desire for innovation represent a formidable driving force for our business.

Internships and apprenticeships: we look to the future

We have always been committed to building bridges between the academic world and the world of work, activating ad hoc agreements and conventions with major Italian Universities for traineeships, internships and degree theses on topics related to our business.

We collaborate with...

  • University of Rome La Sapienza
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • LUISS Business School
  • Link Campus
  • Federico II University (Naples)
  • Polytechnic University of Turin
  • Polytechnic University of Milan
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Genoa
  • University of Catania
  • Florence
  • Alma Mater Studiorum
  • LIUC - Carlo Cattaneo University
  • University of Cassino
  • University of Siena
  • University of Pavia
  • Polytechnic University of Bari
  • University of Padua
  • University of Genoa for the Lombardy region
  • UCSC (Catholic University, Milan)
  • Polytechnic University of Bari
  • University of Sannio

This commitment has also crossed borders: in the UK, for example, Leonardo promotes the widespread availability and activation of apprenticeship programmes through participation in the “5% Club” and pre-apprenticeship programmes for secondary school students.

Learn more: Leonardo Apprentice Training Programme in the UK.

Leonardo also participates in the main Job Meetings and Career Days, which are work orientation events organised throughout Italy. At our stand, our colleagues are on hand to get to know you and introduce you to the Company, our products, our cutting-edge technologies and its services and professions, as well as its international dimension and organisational structure.

You will become more familiar with Leonardo by speaking directly with Company employees and be able to learn about all the training and professional development opportunities we offer our people.