VISTARS (Vehicular Integrated Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance System) is a modern system providing military planners with 24 hour day and night, on the move,  automatic surveillance capabilities of the area, reconnaissance, target detection and acquisition during war or peacetime missions.

VISTARS includes a package of technologically advanced long range sensors, integrated in a compact, self-stabilized platform. Sensor and platform motions are remotely performed by automatic software routines and data are processed in real time, thus providing an efficient and friendly operator interface that includes mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS).

The communication set, based on tactical radio, can be tailored according to the mission characteristics and needs.

VISTARS is a light,  stand alone system based on a modular and flexible design, so as to be easily integrated in a wide range of land platforms, such as light trucks, trucks, IFV,  armoured and armed carriers. The mast height, settled to match the carrier volume, can elevate the sensor head to more than 4 meters.

Technical specifications