The Twin 40L70 Compact is a high performance naval mount that is easy to install in any type of ship, providing:


- high rate of fire (600 rds/min) very effective with proximity-fuzed ammunition;

- good availability of ready-to-fire ammunition for automatic firing;

- maximum reliability;

- advanced design resulting in complete automation, readiness for operation, and low maintenance requirements;

- complete remote control and high servo-system performance;

- maximum firing accuracy and low reaction time;

- operability in NBC conditions.



The Twin 40L70 Compact provides effectiveness and reliability especially under the most challenging operations, such as:

- anti-missile defence (subsonic sea-skimmers);

- anti-aircraft defence;

- ship-to-ship engagements.


The Twin 40L70 Compact is in service with more than 20 Navies and is available in two versions:

Type A: with a 736 round magazine  and  Type B: with a 444 round magazine.
Type A and Type B can both be installed above-deck or with the magazines below-deck.

Below-deck installation ensures the highest operational safety for loaders and servicing personnel.

A stealth cupola is available to reduce the RCS of the Twin 40L70 Compact.

Technical specifications