TRP3 - NEC is a small, lightweight, four-wheel drive UGV equipped with six day/night cameras that  fulfill Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) goals in order to enhance the operator Situational Awareness increasing his safety in those operative environments characterized by a high risk for users.

The small dimension of the platform allows inspections into areas difficult to reach (culverts, tunnel...)

The platform is able to operate in any orientation thanks to its overturning capability.

TRP3 - NEC can be employed for stealth reconnaissance missions thanks its very low level of noise emission.

The system allows the external environment comprehension and the data transmission in real-time to the operator and the Operator Control Unit (OCU). The OCU can record data and transmit them to a master control unit.

TRP3 - NEC can be easily operated by a single soldier using a hand-portable Control Unit integrated with a specific joystick.

Technical specifications